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Dos Santos, A. B Environ. The initial pH of the Congo red solution was between 9.5 and 10.0, a range in which the adsorption of Congo red on hydrotalcite-like LDH phases is not affected by small changes in pH (Shan et al., 2015). Study of aromatic by-products formed from ozonation of anilines in aqueous solution., Water Res., 36(12), 3035–3044. Adsorption and photodegradation properties of anionic dyes by layered double hydroxides. Oxidative treatment of simulated dyehouse effluent by UV and near-UV light assisted Fenton’s reagent., Chemosphere, 39(15), 2767–2783. While in most industrialized countries the governmental legislation is becoming more stringent regarding the removal of dyes from textile industry effluents, in most developing and newly industrialized countries, e.g., Pakistan or India, wastewater effluents from textile industry became the main source of pollution of the environment (Kant, 2012; Sarayu and Sandhya, 2012; Imtiazuddin, 2018). Google Scholar. Correspondence to The resulting powder was added to 10 ml of Congo red solution (100 mg L−1 dye) in a snap-on lid vial while stirring at 150 rpm at 20icrcC. The draft was reviewed and edited by MW, CE, BH, HH, and DH. (2007). Wei, C.; Ma, C. W., (2000). In the case of the sodium sulfate solution, minor element cations might be precipitated as insoluble sulfates at the surface. CAB Direct is the most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, Mater. Adeleke, J. T., Theivasanthi, T., Thiruppathi, M., Swaminathan, M., Akomolafe, T., and Alabi, A. Cem. However in this case, a decrease in the dye removal over all three exposure cycles would be expected, which was not observed for this setup. doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2013.02.025, Zhu, H.-Y., Jiang, R., Huang, S.-H., Yao, J., Fu, F.-Q., and Li, J.-B. The LDH phases hydrotalcite and Friedel’s salt removed significant amounts of Congo red from the aqueous solution over all four dye exposure cycles (Figure 9, left). DH, HH, and BH supervised the project. RxPʩ�i؀��k�_��n�@:�߷Ӥ$c�/���Wb�KG/��{e�p���F�����_e�t���M�!��C�����79Z�=6FXkf��0�G�� The role of aluminium in c-a-s-h during sulfate attack on concrete. A. The exact mechanism of the effect of the storage solution on the formation of LDH phases remains unclear at present and should be addressed in future research. Impact of chemical variability of ground granulated blast-furnace slag on the phase formation in alkali-activated slag pastes. Extensive online help - available wherever you are in CAB Direct. Concr. doi:10.1016/j.jiec.2014.03.019, Shetti, N. P., Malode, S. J., Malladi, R. S., Nargund, S. L., Shukla, S. S., and Aminabhavi, T. M. (2019). It is also possible that SO42− competes with Congo red for adsorption as an interlayer ion in the LDH phases (Darmograi et al., 2016). The results also suggest that the carbonation of C-S-H can provide fresh calcite that can act as a secondary adsorbent. Low voltage SE image of the surface and high voltage BSE image of the atomic weight contrast. Zhang, F.; Yediler, A.; Liang, X.; Kettrup, A., (2004). Hung Yee, S.; Ming Chin, C., (2005). Mn(ii)-containing layered double hydroxide composites: synthesis, characterization and an application in ullmann diaryl etherification. In cementitious binders, GGBS is widely used as a substitute for Portland cement for economic and ecological reasons (Habert et al., 2010). No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. Left: removed Congo red per mass of hardened binder paste. Wet oxidation of high concentration reactive dyes., Ind. Esturian capacity in removal of trace metals from contaminated river water, Southern Caspian Sea. Eng. Google Scholar. CAS  Synthetic dyes are commonly used in textile, cosmetics and other industries. Hazard. Like most websites we use cookies. A.; Balcioglu, I. Thus, the composition of the LDH phases being formed in hardened binder paste is likely to be controlled by the composition of the storage solution and by the chemical composition of the binder [with the Ca/Mg ratio being an important parameter (Walkley et al., 2017)], since the absence of calcium in the sodium sulfate solution could favor the formation of hydrotalcite instead of monocarboaluminate due to the decreased Ca/Mg ratio in the outermost surface layer of the flat prism after storage in sodium sulfate solution. Degradation of Congo red dye by ozonation., Chiang Mai J. The raw data supporting the conclusions of this article will be made available by the authors, without undue reservation. J. Phys. Alkali-activated blast furnace slag-based nanomaterial as a novel catalyst for synthesis of hydrogen fuel. Address : No. Technol. Vandavivre, P. C.; Biznchi, R.; Vesrtraete, W., (1998). Right: removed Congo red per specific surface area of hardened cement paste. 4 ml of the dye solution from the centrifuge were then pipetted into a glass cuvette and after measuring the pH the extinction was measured at wavelengths of λ= 498 nm, 340 and 275 nm using a Dr. Lange Cadas 100 photometer. J., 114, 99–104. Portlandite, gypsum, calcite, and powdered activated carbon were purchased in p.a. He was looking for textile dyes that did not require a mordant step. 7:567130. doi: 10.3389/fmats.2020.567130. Ozonation of hydrolyzed azo dye reactive yellow 84(CI). Mater. : II/72 146), Final Report, Volkswagen-Foundation, Germany. The purpose of this study was to investigate the degradation of Congo red in laboratory solution which had the chemical properties of the rinse waters of textile manufacturing dye … endstream endobj 42 0 obj <>stream 167, 645–661. Portlandite was found in all hardened binder paste surfaces that were stored in saturated calcium hydroxide solution, but not in the surfaces of samples stored in sodium sulfate solution. Mater. (2015). Res., 38(5), 1837–1843. doi:10.3390/w5010094, Darmograi, G., Prelot, B., Geneste, A., Martin-Gassin, G., Salles, F., and Zajac, J. Photochemical processes for water treatment., Chem. In contrast, the conventional analysis of the powdered surface of the 80_SO4 prism by X-ray diffraction did not reveal barite or other phase containing barium (Figure 2). Impact of textile wastewater pollution on the environment. doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b01888, Darmograi, G., Prelot, B., Layrac, G., Tichit, D., Martin-Gassin, G., Salles, F., et al. When considering the removed mass of Congo red with respect to the specific surface area of the hardened binder surface, the dye removal ability of GGBS-rich binders after storage in the sodium sulfate solution is lower than that after storage in the calcium hydroxide solution (Figure 10, right). 52, 1624–1632. In view of the present results of the chemical analysis, the amounts of minor elements in the surface layer depend on the chemical composition of the storage solution rather than on the chemical composition of the hardened binder paste in the case of binders containing sufficient amounts of GGBS. In cementitious binders, different LDH phases occur frequently, e.g., monocarboaluminate (carbonate endmember of hydrocalumite, Ca4Al2(OH)12(CO3) ⋅ 5 H2O), hemicarboaluminate (Ca4Al2(OH)13(CO3)0.5⋅ 5.5 H2O), monosulfoaluminate (kuzelite, Ca4Al2(OH)12(SO4) ⋅ 6 H2O), Friedel’s salt (the chloride endmember of hydrocalumite, Ca4Al2(OH)12Cl2⋅ 4 H2O) and hydrotalcite (Mg6Al2(OH)16(CO3) ⋅ 4 H2O) (Matschei et al., 2007). Martins, A. O.; Canalli, V. M.; Azevedo, C. M. N.; Pires, M., (2006). For example, an increased magnesium content due to the use of dolomite (Machner et al., 2018a) or ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) can increase the amount of hydrotalcite in the hardened cement paste (Gong and White, 2016); (Walkley et al., 2017). Bila, D. M.; Montalvao, A. F.; Silva, A. C.; Dezotti, M., (2005). Res. The removal capacity of these phases is higher than that of powdered activated carbon or gypsum. (2001). Decolorization treatments of azo dye wastewatecs including dichlorotriazinyl reactive groups by using advanced oxidation method., Color. As an example for azo dyes, Congo red (Disodium-3,3’[[1,1-biphenyl]-4,4’-diyl(bis(azo)]bis(4-aminonaphthalin-1-sulfonate)) is used in the current study since it is well established as a model substance for organic pollutants. The clear correlation of the element contents with the N2-BET specific surface area of the samples in Figure 6 indicates that the incorporation of minor elements in LDH phases could play an important role in the demobilization of these elements because the LDH system is able to incorporate chemically diverse species (Mills et al., 2012).

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