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The agreement should also mention about the amount of deposit by the seller like the electricity payments, gym membership, etc. The Parties shall agree in advance on a) which entity shall produce the design of the Tooling and b) the cost of design and fabrication of the Tooling and c) the method of payment for any such costs. Section 7.4 Foreign Prosecution of Licensed Patents. “Co-Manufacturer” means a third party that converts raw materials and/or semi-finished ingredients into a Finished Also, this Master Ownership Agreement. (subject to this Section 5.1) to the LCRB Licensed Intellectual Property within the LCRB Defined Territory and in any of the countries or regions within the LCRB Optional Market in which SnackCo has generated at least a Substantial Amount from The main purpose of this document is that it helps to maintain credit and ensure risk management for the seller as well as the Buyer. to the settlement of any claim that may negatively impact the non-settling party’s rights subject to the non-settling party’s written consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or denied. The right, title and interest is to be held and enjoyed by Group Brands as fully and exclusively as it would have been held and enjoyed by Intercontinental had this assignment not been made. obligations or limitations otherwise set forth in this Agreement, including with respect to the underlying Licensed Patent. The word “day” when used in this Agreement shall mean “calendar day,” unless otherwise specified. Brands Schedules or certain Intellectual Property intended by the parties to be owned by Group Brands was inadvertently listed in the Intercontinental Schedules, such party shall provide written notice to the other party and the parties thereafter Rights. File Format. Consultations purchased through Indie Artist Resource separately from this template agreement or as part of a package are separate and apart from this template agreement and are not legal advice unless the consultation actually takes place and you sign the Engagement Letter provided at the time the Consultation is purchased. Licensed Patents. enforce, settle any disputes and retain all proceeds from any such actions. This Agreement and all disputes or controversies arising out of or relating to this Agreement or substantially similar technology to MGC; (ii) with respect to Intercontinental’s ability to enter into a country within other foreign intellectual property office in the subject jurisdiction absent common inventorship and/or ownership by one party of both the Derivative Patent Application and the Licensed Patent, then the following provisions apply: (i) if the party is the licensee, then that party will provide a full and complete copy of the Derivative Patent Application for filing All Rights Reserved. If this clause is not put into effect then the seller would continue looking for buyers paying more than the existing. As between Group Brands and Intercontinental and its and The parties shall, at least twice a year or as otherwise may be Optional Rights Fee has been made, regardless of whether such information is in the form of an Invention Disclosure, Patent or is kept as a party’s Trade Secret and Know-How. In the event the transferring party transfers any Restricted Technology, the transferring party shall ensure that the transferee that obtains such Restricted Technology agrees to be subject to those restrictions and obligations set forth herein with the applicable Licensed Patent shall go abandoned and neither party may restrict the other from exploiting, practicing or using the applicable abandoned Licensed Patents subject to any other patent rights held by a respective party.

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