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Always make sure they’re kept away from small children to avoid accidents with them eating the wipes. Due to the surge in demand, shortages of these critical supplies will likely be around for months. Practice routine cleaning of surfaces that come into contact frequently by people. Kills Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae. Alcohol Wipes - 80 Pcs at Wholesale Prices Online from Blue Beat Sales. Each unit of our disinfecting wipes comes with 50 wipes in a soft, plastic container. Also, they have a Cash & Carry available. Customer service was incredible, the lady at the front desk saw to my. Pop open the re-closable plastic snap cap and peel back the safety seal to expose the mouth of the wipe package. No! I was looking for a store that can provide me health supplies right away and guess what? MULTIPURPOSE: Use these alcohol wipes to eliminate germs and bacteria on any surface including handles, toys, electronics, and more. I plan to order again. Kills Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae.Soft material, wipes are meant to be used for general cleansing.The alcohol medical wipes are soft and comfortable to use.... Not recommended for infants.Stop use and ask a doctor if too much skin irritation or sensitivity develops or increases.... Not recommended for infants. PPE and large quantities of disinfectant wipes will be critically important for a safe reopening plan. Disposable wet wipes; 75% Alcohol in resealable, portable pack. The products I received were as described on their website. Our bulk 75% alcohol wipes come in units of 50 wipes at a price of $6.50, breaking down to just $0.13 per wipe. Avoid direct sunlight and open fire. The top opens and shuts to ensure that your 75% alcohol sanitizing wipes do not dry out as you go through them. Highly recommend! Good service and competitive price are available. Our water and alcohol wipes DO NOT dissolve in water, so please do not dispose of them in toilets. Call us today if your school district is in need of disinfectant wipes in large quantities. I bought 200 masks for my. Sanitizers, Disinfectants, & Wipes (140 items) We have a wide selection of hand sanitizers available... .Currently we have small cases of wholesale hand sanitizer available that are … If you’re looking for other PPE supplies, we have those too! I have been waiting for the opportunity to be free of contracts from large cell phone providers who over charge! Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: What’s the Difference? If you are interested in procuring our bulk disinfectant wipes, please fill out the form and an associate will reach out to you shortly to discuss details. Alcohol Wipes – 99.9% Sterilization Rate – 80 Wet Wipes. Delivery time typically only takes 3-5 days with standard ground shipping. If you want to order quantities under 1,000 units, feel free to purchase in our online store here: Minimum Order Quantity: 48 units (no exceptions). Disinfectant wipes clean surfaces by removing visible dirt and killing the microbes that pose health risks. Blue Beat Sales is a Southern California’s fastest-growing personal protective equipment distributor, delivering supplies right to the doorstep of Americans nationwide. Grab the tip of the first disinfectant wipe slowly through the mouth. All orders were packaged carefully and delivered quickly. One of the most effective ways to combat the novel Corona Virus aside from using hand sanitizer is consistent use of disinfectant wipes. With most bulk disinfectant wipes coming from overseas, this should not be a problem. I placed my first order from Blue Beat Digital last week and the company and product exceeded expectation. Call us today to get your order started. Call or email for a quote for orders higher than 1,000 units (50,000 wipes). RESEALABLE LABEL: Comes in a resealable pouch for guaranteed freshness and an easy to open design. With surging demand from consumers and institutions alike, having a steady supply of bulk disinfectant wipes for your business, home or school should be a top priority. We can provide medical institutions the bulk disinfectant wipes they need to maintain safe surfaces for everyone. Call us today if you need large quantities of disinfectant wipes for your practice or hospital. I will definitely shop here again. That’s 225 wipes at $0.36 per wipe and they’re sold out for the next month! I bought a bunch of batteries and I am happy with them. By buying our bulk disinfectant wipes, you save over 60% on retail pricing. Nice to have a reliable U.S. source for masks. As usage increases among consumers and health professionals, it’s important you wear gloves while using this product, especially if you are a frequent user to protect your hands. Great customer service and excellent face masks. The75% alcohol wet wipes are soft and comfortable to use.... We're well-known as one of the leading alcohol wipes manufacturers and suppliers in China. good they are. With our private label program you can help your customers in their most significant time of need. Read our how to use instructions below. The High-quality 75% alcohol (Ethanol) kills 99.99% of pathogens on surfaces, equipment, and non-invasive medical devices. “Viruses can live anywhere from hours to days on hard surfaces like metal and plastic. When cleaning and disinfecting with harsh chemicals, it’s important to wear disposable gloves and have proper ventilation. Categories. Yes, our bulk disinfectant wipes contain chemicals strong enough to kill 99.9% of virus and bacteria. Couldn't be happier with my experience here. Add: 1234 S Garfield Ave Ste204, Alhambra CA 91801. If you need to purchase more than 1,000 units (50,000 total wipes) please email colin@wholesalehempandcbd.com for a quote. every need. I will definitely return to order more from BBD! Avoid contact with eyes and damaged or cut skin. Alcohol Wipes are Ultra-quick, drying and provide smear-free disinfection. For reference, a pack of 3 Clorox wipes on Amazon is selling right now for $82.42. Hospitals across the US are in critical need of personal protective equipment to keep their staff and patients safe from infection. Each product is available with bulk order discounts, meaning the more you order, the more you save. 5% off. Buy disinfectant wipes in bulk to always have these essential cleaning supplies when needed. They have exactly the products I need for this crazy time, and for an amazing price. We can provide high quality, effective sanitizing wipes to you within a matter of days, because we have tens of thousands on hand and ready to ship at all times. 80 WET WIPES: Includes 80 alcohol wet wipes in every pack. Our factory produces these wipes in Guangzhou China, known for manufacturing large amounts of US sold products. Dirty laundry from someone who is sick CAN be washed with healthy people’s items. Lowest price in 30 days. Virus clings to surfaces and can stay alive for days at a time. Tap the button below to call if you have questions, chat with us if we’re online or email colin@wholesalehempandcbd.com. If it can be proven the order will be for a government agency, medical institution or school we can offer a discount. Our disinfectant wipes sell to you in bulk at just $6.50 per pack of 50, which means only $0.13 per wipe! We warmly welcome you to wholesale cheap alcohol wipes for sale here from our factory. They have inexpensive batteries, cell phone accessories and other items as well. CBD Oil vs CBD Tincture: What’s The Difference? Institutions of all kinds are in need of wipes to protect their employees, patients and students. Please feel free to wholesale high quality alcohol wipes at competitive price from our factory. Wash your hands immediately after handling dirty laundry. Our wipes are shipped direct from a manufacturer in overseas to our warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. I rarely write reviews but I was so pleased with the service from Blue Beat Digital I wanted to let people know how. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Pull as many wipes as needed for your sterilization purposes.

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