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3. Those that ran in their games were kept to a set diet: ldblquote Every man that strives for the mastery is temperate in all things, 1 Corinthians 9:23. 24, 26, and was adokimov, one to whom the prize could not be judged by the judges of the games. Ostendit dextram insurgens Entellus, et alte Extulit: ille ictum venientem a vertice velox Praevidit, celerique elapsus corpore cessit. May we not feel something of this spirit in seeking the kingdom of God? ix. Wakefield also prefers this reading. Ille, velut celsam oppugnat qui molibus urbem, Aut montana sedet circum castella sob armis; Nunc hos, nunc illos aditus, omnemque pererrat Arte locum, et variis assultibus irritus urget. x25: qeleiv olumpia nikhsai; dei sÆ eutaktein, anagkotrofein, apecesqai, pemmatwn, gumnazesqai prov anagkhn en wra tetagmenh, en kaumati, en yucei, mh yucron pinein, mh oinon wv etucen? "To them that are without law" - The Gentiles, who had no written law, though they had the law written in their hearts; see on Rom. And Luke x. If you do not want that we track your visit to our site you can disable tracking in your browser here: We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers. Homil. For what then shall I be rewarded? Let those who plead for the system of accommodation on the example of St. Paul, attend to the end he had in view, and the manner in which he pursued that end. Entellus VIRES IN VENTUM EFFUDIT; et ultro Ipse gravis, graviterque ad terram pontere vasto Concidit: ut quondam cava concidit, aut Erymantho, Aut Ida in magna, radicibus eruta pinus.- Consurgunt studiis Teucri et Trinacria pubes; It clamour coelo: primusque accurrit Acestes, AEquaevumque ab humo miserans attollit amicum. I think this casts some light on the apostle's meaning. - Dauntless he rose, and to the fight returned; With shame his cheeks, his eyes with fury burned: Disdain and conscious virtue fired his breast, And, with redoubled force, his foe he pressed; He lays on loads with either hand amain, And headlong drives the Trojan o'er the plain, Nor stops, nor stays; nor rest, nor breath allows; But storms of strokes descend about his brows; A rattling tempest, and a hail of blows. PITT. 7. "They which minister about holy things" - All the officers about the temple, whether priests, Levites, Nethinim, &c., had a right to their support while employed in its service. "Lest-having preached to others" - The word khruxav, which we translate having preached, refers to the office of the khrux, or herald, at these games, whose business it was to proclaim the conditions of the games, display the prizes, exhort the combatants, excite the emulation of those who were to contend, declare the terms of each contest, pronounce the name of the victors, and put the crown on their heads. Instead of pantwv tinav swsw, that I might by all means save some; pantav swsw, that I might save all, is the reading of DEFG, Syriac, Vulgate, AEthiopic, all the Itala, and several of the fathers. Hoary with age, Entellus stands his ground; But with his warping body wards the wound; His head and watchful eye keep even pace, While Dares traverses and shifts his place; And, like a captain who beleaguers round Some strong-built castle, on a rising ground, Views all the approaches with observing eyes; This, and that other part, in vain he tries, And more on industry than force relies. ii. RUNNING; ver. The unyielding and obstinate mind is always a little mind: a want of true greatness always produces obstinacy and peevishness. This verse belongs to the two preceding verses. in Inscript. Griesbach has left the words in question out of the text. This was not the effect of a fickle or man-pleasing disposition; no man was ever of a more firm or decided character than St. Paul; but whenever he could with a good conscience yield so as to please his neighbour for his good to edification, he did so; and his yielding disposition was a proof of the greatness of his soul. For what then shall I be rewarded? and versions. The last is stiff with age, his motions slow; He heaves for breath, he staggers to and fro. 1. This was judged essentially necessary to constitute an apostle. "For though I be free" - Although I am under no obligation to any man, yet I act as if every individual had a particular property in me, and as if I were the slave of the public. Strom., lib. xix., where Clitophon says, on having received a letter from Leucippe: toutoiv entucwn pantaeginomhn omou, aneflegomhn, wcriwn, eqaumazon, hpistoun, ecatron, hcqomhn? To this Virgil alludes when representing Dares swinging his arms about, when he rose to challenge a competitor in the boxing match:- How many proofs have we of this in preachers of different denominations, who insist so strongly and so frequently on their privileges, as they term them, that the people are tempted to believe they seek not their souls' interests, but their secular goods. "And he that thresheth in hope should be partaker of his hope." He takes care of oxen; he wills them all that happiness of which their nature is susceptible; and can we suppose that he is unwilling that the human soul shall have that happiness which is suited to its spiritual and eternal nature? This is especially interesting concerning Peter (. - The apostle places the Christian race in contrast to the Isthmian games; in them, only one received the prize, though all ran; in this, if all run, all will receive the prize; therefore he says, So run that ye may obtain. "I therefore so run, not as uncertainly" - In the foot-course in those games, how many soever ran, only one could have the prize, however strenuously they might exert themselves; therefore, all ran uncertainly; but it was widely different in the Christian course, if every one ran as he ought, each would receive the prize. MEANING: BOXING, ver. "But I keep under my body, &c." - This is an allusion, not only to boxers, but also to wrestlers in the same games, as we learn from the word upwpiazw, which signifies to hit in the eyes; and doulagwgw, which signifies to trip, and give the antagonist a fall, and then keep him down when he was down, and having obliged him to acknowledge himself conquered, make him a slave. "Lest-having preached to others" - The word khruxav, which we translate having preached, refers to the office of the khrux, or herald, at these games, whose business it was to proclaim the conditions of the games, display the prizes, exhort the combatants, excite the emulation of those who were to contend, declare the terms of each contest, pronounce the name of the victors, and put the crown on their heads. 2. Before, behind, the blows are dealt; around Their hollow sides the rattling thumps resound; A storm of strokes, well meant, with fury flies, And errs about their temples, ears, and eyes: Nor always errs; for oft the gauntlet draws A sweeping stroke along the crackling jaws. They practised the exercises. "For if I do this thing willingly" - If I be a cordial co-operator with God, I have a reward, an incorruptible crown, 1 Cor. iii. "Doth God take care for oxen?" - On this clause there are some very important readings found in the MSS. Both on the tiptoe stand, at full extent; Their arms aloft, their bodies inly bent; Their heads from aiming blows they bear afar, With clashing gauntlets then provoke the war. "Them that are without law." Verse 6. veryone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. k. t. l. "Do you wish to gain the prize at the Olympic games?-Consider the requisite preparations and the consequences: you must observe a strict regimen; must live on food which you dislike; you must abstain from all delicacies; must exercise yourself at the necessary and prescribed times both in heat and in cold; you must drink nothing cooling; take no wine as formerly; in a word, you must put yourself under the directions of a pugilist, as you would under those of a physician, and afterwards enter the lists. Verse 23. 375. Verse 18. "They do it to obtain a corruptible crown" - The crown won by the victor in the Olympian games was made of the wild olive; in the Pythian games of laurel; in the Nemean games of parsley; and in the Isthmian games of the pine.

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